Geospace Physics Laboratory (GPL) is a multidiciplinary applied research and development facility in the Department of Physics and Space Sciences at Florida Institute of Technology. Founded in 1989 by Dr. Hamid Rassoul, professor of physics and dean of the College of Science at Florida Tech, the laboratory is currently directed by Dr. Ming Zhang, professor of physics and space sciences. The lab houses research in two primary areas: atmospheric and space electricity, and cosmic rays and the space weather. The main focus of the atmospheric and space electricity research group is on the theoretical and experimental studies in the areas of lightning charateristics, physics, and eletromagnetics, energetic radiations from lightning and thunderstorms (e.g. terrestrial gamma ray flashes), and transient luminous events such as sprites and gigantic jets. The cosmic rays and the space weather research at GPL focuses on studying the geospace environment during magnetic storms and substorms using an array observations, and particle and field measurements from satellites. GPL is located on the third floor of the F. W. Olin Physical Sciences building.