University of New Hampshire

  • Dr. Joseph R Dwyer, Peter T. Paul Chair in Space Sciences

University of Florida

  • Dr. Martin A. Uman, Distinguished Professor
  • Dr. Vladimir A. Rakov, Co-Director of ICLRT

Uppsala University

  • Dr. Vernon Cooray, The Angstrom Laboratory

University of Californica at Santa Cruz

  • Dr. David M. Smith

Duke University

  • Dr. Steven A. Cummer

University of Alabama at Huntsville

  • Dr. Michael Briggs
  • Dr. Valerie Connaughton
  • Dr. Narayan Blat

University of Mississippi

  • Dr. Thomas Marshall
  • Dr. Maribeth Stolzenburg

National Laboratories & NASA Centers

Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Dr. Xuan-Min Shao

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

  • Dr. Gerald J. Fishman
  • Dr. Michael S. Briggs
  • Dr. Eric S. Cramer

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

  • Dr. J. Eric Grove